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The Stain

Year: 2022

Size: 33.5"x16.5"x39"

Materials: Wires, beads and strings


This piece is a wearable sculpture which talks about menstrual shame; girls in China use more subtle nicknames to refer to menstruation and buy pads secretly. While women suffering from physical discomfort during their periods, we also have to deal with the emotional distress caused by the negative comments. In order to fight against this unreasonable prejudice, I took from the properties I see as beautiful of the menstruation and transformed them into abstracted shapes and forms, which are aggressive, glamorous, and proud. The choice of using red wires and beads as the main materials of this piece represents the strength and rebellion of women fighting for their own pride. With the flowing structure, I want to convey the beauty and naturality of menstruation, while speaking out the message that girls should never be ashamed of what you were born with. 

Inspiration Drawing& Sketch

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